SolidFire QOS Part 3 – Monitoring

In the previous post I showed how we can work out the QOS values from the average I/O size for a volume. In this post I will show a tool which was created to help monitor if a volume is at its QOS limit. As a quick reminder from the previous post if we look […]

SolidFire QOS Part 2

In the previous post we saw two images one showing the QOS curve as advertised by the python API (image 1) and the other generated by a standalone python script (image 2) Image 1 Image 2 In this post I will cover how we worked out the cost for each I/O size and the associated […]

SolidFire and Quality of Service – Part 1

The SolidFire array is primarily used as an ISCSI target and allows for quality of service on a per volume basis. You can read more about it here. The purpose of these posts are to talk about the QOS functionality and how we can look to monitor this on the Arrays. Some Background.. Recently we […]